Run Like the Wind
6th Annual 5k to support Terrier Rouge and all of Northern Haiti
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Run Like The Wind 5k?
It began in 2009 when the medical clinic in Terrier Rouge, Haiti, needed electricity, Pastor Carrie Evans and elder Angie Sudduth from Warrenton Presbyterian Church concocted a plan to make that happen… and people started hearing the stories of a wonderful town named Terrier Rouge and couldn’t help but get involved. And from there it grew, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and keeps on growing.
How much money has been raised?
Total money raised in the past five years? Well over $100,000, all thanks to an amazing community and an even more amazing God.
What is the fundraising goal this year?
The fundraising goal is set at $20,000
What percentage of the money goes to Haiti?
Typically the first 100 runners registrations cover all race costs and 100% of the remaining money goes to Haiti.
How is the money spent in Haiti?
Each year is different. In 2013 the race committee has voted to distribute the funds as follows:
  • $3000 towards a food distribution
  • $2500 towards furthering the work of the clinic
  • All remaining monies will go towards the construction and operation of St. Barthelemy’s School in Terrier Rouge, Haiti.
Can I make a donation without participating in the 5k?
ABSOLUTELY! You can write a check to Warrenton Presbyterian Church and write “Haiti” in the memo line or you can donate online at:
How long is the course?
The course is a measured 5k or 3.1 miles.
How difficult is the course?
The course challenging yet comfortable. While the first mile is primarily downhill, the second mile takes the runner on a beautiful flat run through the Greenway, and the final mile, while primarily uphill, weaves through the historical district of Old Town Warrenton. The runner ends in a fantastic triumph down Main Street where spectators, family and friends cheer runners to their victory.
How much time does it take to complete?
The course is open for an hour, though the average runner will finish between 30-40 minutes.
Can I walk the 5k?
ABSOLUTELY! We encourage runners and walkers alike… you can even bring your favorite four legged friend on your walk/run with you, provided they are on a leash.
How should I train for the 5k?
Any training plan should be approved by your family physician before beginning. Training for your first 5k can be loads of fun, especially if you have a friend to run with. Start easy with a mile or two of walking and running, and don’t be discouraged if you need to walk. Build up slowly to avoid injury! Once you can easily run 3 miles, start adding in some mid run sprints to boost your lungs and take a yoga class to stretch your muscles and build your core. Just have fun! A 5K is a challenge to many, but a wonderful distance to get you addicted to the feeling of running and racing…. GOOD LUCK!
Can I listen to music while running?
You may listen to your music but we ask that you pay close attention to runners and the environment around you.
Will there be childcare if both parents want to run?
Yes, and as a bonus it is free! The youth of the church will be providing childcare for runners and volunteers children in the youth lounge or in the play area of the church – weather permitting.
Will the race be cancelled due to weather?
We are hardcore here in Warrenton, VA and we run in the rain, but not in torrential downpours or with lightning and thunder. It is up to the race director to make the determining call on race conditions and if he/she determines that they are too dangerous, the race will be cancelled or postponed.
Do you give refunds if I can’t run?
No, we are sorry. Because we are in this solely for charities purpose, we do not offer race refunds. If you choose to transfer your bib to another runner, please let us know so that in case of an emergency we can properly contact the runner’s family or friends.